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formed in the late 90s in boston, my own worst enemy is a female-fronted trio that creates dynamic indie-garage-pop using two electric guitars and drums - no bass - alongside strong harmonies, rapid-fire rhythyms, and occasional harmonica and twang. inspired by the boston music scene and by the likes of sleater-kinney, patti smith and the replacements, songwriters sue and steve started playing, writing and making four-track recordings after meeting at the middle east in cambridge. the duo added drums to the mix and began gigging, playing their first show at o'brien's in allston in february 1998. they released treblemaker, a collage of loose, energetic demos and late-night studio experimentation in 2000. with a drummer change the following year, they survived on a steady diet of writing new material and sporadically playing live, releasing the 13-song no guarantees in 2003, produced by pete weiss at zippah studios and released on elis eil records.

my own worst enemy's straight ahead, diy approach to passionate, heart-on-your-sleeve songwriting and high energy live shows continues to evolve and move the band in new directions. the addition of aj aubrey on drums in 2005 gave the band a huge boost and again spurred a major songwriting flourish. the recharged trio hit the clubs and ultimately returned to recording with pete weiss once again behind the board at verdant studio. in the fall of 2007, my own worst enemy released their third record, total action, on pristine indigo records. the 12-song cd is available at,, itunes, in select boston area music stores and at live shows.


sue: guitar, vocals

sue's humble musical beginnings trace back to the fifth grade when she would play the folk mass at her church. after moving to boston for college, and years of recovery from having attended catholic school, sue picked up the guitar again with less sacred intentions. over time, she moved from working out bob dylan and janis joplin tunes to writing songs of her own, playing for an audience of one kitty (named nico) in her little studio apartment. sue's muses range from patti smith to r.e.m., billie holiday to husker du, leading to songs that are rooted in feeling, not formula. as a longtime supporter of local bands on the boston scene, sue has drawn inspiration over the years from favs like jen trynin, scarce, dambuilders and kristin hersh. although it's unlikely her songs will ever be heard at church services again, their purity and veracity cannot be denied. working with bandmates steve and a.j. allows sue's songwriting and vocalization to continue evolving in new and ever-intriguing directions.



steve: guitar, vocals

steve's earliest music memories is sitting up in a favorite tree listening to simon & garfunkel and the beatles on a snoopy am radio. second to the pop tunes of the 70's was the raw, exciting world of punk & new wave in the early 80's; high school afternoons were a crash-course in new music, digging through friend's vinyl collections that included the vapors, marshall crenshaw, pretenders, the clash and elvis costello. inspired by the music's originality and coolness, steve bought a juno 106 synth and began composing original songs, eventually swapping the keys for a guitar and four-track. after gaining degrees in liberal arts and english literature at umass, steve moved to providence and then to boston where there were great local music scenes going, all the while writing tons of songs and listening to alot of replacements, big star, uncle tupelo, teenage fanclub and guided by voices. eventually fate intervened: steve met singer/songwriter sue at a dambuilders/fuzzy show at the middle east in cambridge. they have been writing and playing together ever since.



a.j.: drums, harmonica, backing vocals

a.j. remembers fondly a day long ago...ozzy osbourne's "crazy train" blaring from the radio...rocking out in his high chair...older sisters approving his behavior...thinking, " likey." while much has changed over the years, that same pinball-machine effect seemed to spontaneously recur inside (sans high chair) upon hearing the likes of u2, the police, the beatles and the kinks. a drum kit received for high school graduation provided an antidote of sorts as a.j. let loose the full-tilt frenzy within. and later on, the clash, uncle tupelo, wilco, the stone roses (first album), the band and the shins proved beyond a doubt just how much great drums could impact and shape a song. since joining the band in march of 2005, a.j. is already making his mark on the songs of my own worst enemy.



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