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october 2010

autumn marches on.

october contained two interesting events for my own worst enemy. first, at the cantab, we returned for a one night only show as the 'classic lineup' with john cahill on drums. we featured mostly the songs off no guarantees and it rocked!

second, we headed back to the beloved verdant studio in athens, vermont for first of many sessions, again with pete weiss at the helm. it's as good a time as any to start working on a new record, ain't it?

here's a nice pic of verdant, where the magic happens...

january 2010

two great ways to start off the new year...first, we sold out the lizard lounge on saturday night (opening for mars' cd release) and second, michelle from posted a great pic from the show on their website...thank you lizard, mars, michelle & the folks at bgn for all the support!

november 2009

very nice to find some kind words in this month's NOISE magazine from one of the legends of the boston music scene, the one and only liz borden...

september 2009

kind of a cool very thing here, sue was selected as "miss september" for the club bohemia calendar; all the credit goes to mickey bliss for the photo, calendar design, and for having impeccable taste in subject matter. check it out...

january 2009

can you believe we have been playing music together for 11 years?

2008 was capped off with an invitation to perform at the weisstronaut's 10th annual holiday bash at church, and it's fair to say that a very good time was had by all. mowe contributed one holiday original, "all i want for christmas (is a shot and a beer)" and took a stab at several rockin' holiday classics: john lennon's 'happy chrsitmas (war is over)', the pretenders '2000 miles', joni mitchell's 'river', the dogmatics 'christmastime' and last but not least, 'do they know it's christmas' by band-aid! extra-special thank yous go out to our guest vocalists (you know who you are...)

and in case you're wondering, my own worst enemy's christmas wish CAME TRUE: nbc network has officially cancelled that awful tv show that stole our band name.

august 2008

well it's never a right time for some shameless self-promotion, so here we action has garnered a couple great reviews in recent local and national press. on our press page, check out what north carolina's and somerville's northeast performer has to say.

for those not so much into reading, you can hear it for yourself on itunes or at any newbury comics, where total action is only 10 bucks. or cut out the middleman and get a copy at one of our upcominig shows: friday sept. 19th at the castle bar (with the prime movers and the in out), or saturday oct. 11th at the cantab (with red invasion, mars and the lyres). details are on our shows page.

june 2008

after a brief absence, total action has returned THE NOISE radio chart, #7...

the noise top 30 radio chart is based on the amount of radio airplay given to local releases. it is compiled by radiotony using playlists from WAAF, WBCN, WFNX, WMBR, WMFO, WTCC, and WZBC.

march 10, 2008

total action has cracked THE NOISE radio chart, entering at #6...

the noise top 30 radio chart is based on the amount of radio airplay given to local releases. it is compiled by radiotony using playlists from WAAF, WBCN, WFNX, WMBR, WMFO, WTCC, and WZBC.

march 1, 2008

my own worst enemy made three 'best of 2007' lists from NOISE writers. thank you francis (#8), Nancy (#7 & #10) and Rita (#4)


february 2008

with the record release show and holiday festivities in the rear-view mirror, we supppose it's time to look ahead to the new year. and speaking of new, total action was recently picked up by newbury comics as a new release, and is available in all locations for the wicked-cheap sale price of $7.99. of course you can also buy it digitally or in person at a show. the choice is yours. check out the records page for all the details.

also kick-starting the new year...three upcoming shows for you to chose from. hope to see you there!.

november 2007

we're the cover story on this month's noise magazine, and we couldn't be happier. thank you ever so much to t. max for this honor, as well as the crazy/cool photo-job; and also big thanks to nancy neon for her time and effort in writing it! go onto and to check it out, or click this link for the complete interview.

october 31, 2007

happy halloween kiddies!!! did you hear the interview on WAAF on sunday night or were you pre-occupied with the red sox? we were! but hanging out with liz and carm at the station was a blast and they gave 'turn it on' a spin! your chance is fast approaching to pick up your own copy this friday at the abbey long last, it's the total action record release party, baby! to entice you to come early...the rumor of generous amounts of free beer is true...we've harpooned a least that's the story on the street. also...rosie's bakery is donating some baked goods, and there will be a couple platters of wraps from souper roll-up cafe. plus some snacks and munchies! so...PLEASE COME EARLY (7pm) FOR FOOD AND FREE BEER and stay for the music!

september 24, 2007

check this out...nancy neon's friend robert barry francos (ffanzeen) from nyc was in town and snapped a ton of pics of our recent cantab show with the lyres and even blogged about it. we're very grateful for all his efforts...thank you robert!

september 1, 2007

welcome to the updated website design. hope you enjoy it...look around!

august 28, 2007

the new my own worst enemy cd, total action will be out soon. we are also working on a new website design. please come see us 9/15 at the cantab and/or friday nov 2nd for our record release party at the abbey. details can be found on our shows page...busy busy...

july 9th, 2007

the rumors are all true...your nearest and dearest indie rock power trio is putting out it's third full length record. we've completed the recording and mixing in may, and it was mastered in june. we are in the final stretch of completing all the fine details in preparation for manufacturing, all to get this baby to you as soon as humanly possible. current live favorites such as 'turn it on', 'snowflake', and 'green apple' are featured, alongside a whole bunch of new-ish songs. some extra treats that you will find when you unwrap it are interesting instrumentation (like syth and organ and...can't say any more but we can tell you there is still no bass guitar!), guest musicians and even some cover songs. but trust us when we say this is a pop record that will rock your world, with sonic twists thrown in to make you warm and fuzzy all over. we are self-releasing this one on our own pristine indigo imprint. listen for it on the radio and lookout for a record release party to knock your socks off this fall.

to hold you over, please come see and hear us at the cantab lounge, saturday august 11th and saturday september 15th. more details can be found on our shows page. enjoy the summer sun.

may 18th, 2007

sue recently visited hi-n-dry studio in cambridge to contribute vocal tracks for t max's "end war now" song. more details on that can be found at here.

my own worst enemy has also been in the studio. in april we recorded a bunch of new songs. one more session up in vermont and we will be very close to having our new record completed. can't wait for y'all to hear it and stuff.

last but not least, we just added the details about two upcoming shows to our shows page. take your pick or pick 'em both!

march 28th, 2007

we know photos aren't news, but it's all we sue's new blue guitar! thanks goes out to roy for snapping these at our recent show.


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