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january, 2007

our show at the abbey made the sidekick edition of the boston globe.

click here to read the globe's recent article on grey does matter.

december, 2006

my own worst enemy is hard at work writing and arranging new material that will hopefully be road-tested at some upcoming shows...january 11th at the abbey lounge with the in out and the brett rosenberg problem, and in march at the kirkland cafe with the lyres.

also, we have added exclusive new bob colby photo to our pics gallery page. in case you are wondering, bob is responsible for applying all the special visual effects on the shots, and we really appreciate all the extra time and effort he puts into his work. he's got quite a keen artistic eye and they came out great. thank you bob!

september, 2006

my own worst enemy is once again invited to play the new england pop music festival. sue and popfest is featured in the weekend edition of metro.

click here to read the full article

august, 2006

my own worst enemy spent three glorious days at verdant studios in athens, vermont, working on recording some new material for an upcoming release. naturally, pete weiss was at the helm. alot of tracking was done, but the songs have not been mixed yet. the session was followed by a well-attended saturday night show at the kirkland cafe, which featured special guest star and good friend lindz on percussion and backup vocals. we think the t rex cover was a hit! thanks to everyone for coming out...we really, really appreciate all your support over the years. mowe is also looking forward to playing the new england popfest in september.

may, 2006

our new best friend and fans, liz borden and carmelita of 107.3 fm waaf featured mowe and played the track poison on their local music segment the girl's room.

march, 2006:

two video clips from a recent kirkland gig taken by roy are posted but have since been taken down due to poor sound quality. also annonced this month: do you know about a very groovy website which allows you to program/format your own streaming music, and no guarantees has just been added to their playlist. from what we can tell, mowe (and the track 'poison') is heard the most during sleater-kinney stations, pretty cool! so tune in and turn it on...

november, 2005

a brief update on our song mia and it's inclusion in the gits movie...producer jessy bender reports that the closing credit/gag reel has been re-cut to the band's liking, where our song is once again slotted to appear. best of all, the movie has been selected for the 2006 boston independent film festival! this is happening in april and we'll have updates as the event gets closer.

last, steve's top secret alter-ego, wet paint forever, will be featured in episode seven of the lumberyard, a really cool bi-monthly radio program on whus, 91.7 fm, broadcasting from the university of connecticut. the show will use four wpf compositions, two instrumental tracks and two vocals tracks. tune in on tuesday november 29th at 5pm for the live broadcast, or check the lumberyard archives (click "podcast") if can't catch it.

august, 2005

mowe joins myspace and announces "be our friend! visit our myspace page and we will love you forever!"

june, 2005

more gig announcements and yet another review of no guarantees has surfaced...this time from pop culture press. check it out.

april, 2005

the winter-long search for a new drummer has finally ended: a.j. will be joining my own worst enemy behind the kit, and we couldn't be happier. thank you to everyone who found out about us and tried out...everyone was good, it was a really tough decision. sue, steve and a.j. will be back at work in the rehersal space to emerge in the coming months on the live stage. what elese can we say? it just feels good to be playing the rock and roll again. for those wondering what former drummer johnny is up to, look for him dashing down beacon street in april as he'll be participating in yet another boston marathon.

secondly, we've got more good news for fans of the mowe song, mia. a recent email from the gits movie producer jessy reports that not only has the song made the final cut, but the film's worldwide premiere is set for may at the seattle international film festival. we can only hope that the film makes it's way to the east coast soon, and we wish jessy and her crew much success! you can view a trailer for the movie here.

october, 2004

jessy, producer of the gits movie writes: "hey ya'll, your song mia is in the cut we are sending to the sundance film festival. it's very fun, our gag reel plays during it, quite hilarious. it's looking quite good that it will stay. it really helps to lift your spirits after such an intense ride. thank you!!!"

no, thank you jessy! we've said all along that just being considered for the movie was an honor in itself. if you're still not familar with the story behind the song mia and how my own worst enemy hooked up with west coast filmmakers, read about it here.

also announced in october: mowe hits the road for new york city to play with elis eil labelmates world war ix at a punk-rock tiki lounge in the east village called otto's shrunken head and returns to play the kirkland with butterknife and din. this is johnny's last gig.

september, 2004

my own worst enemy plays the new england pop music festival.

july, 2004

the big news this month came by way of and their glowing review of no guarantees. they went the extra mile to make us a featured artist on their website for the month of june. you can read the kind words on our press page.

also in june, sue had the great honor of meeting and hanging out with the legendary patti smith, after her recent show in boston at the paradise. it was an amazing experience for sue, to say the least. patti's show was fantastic, as always, and so is her latest record, trampin'. highly recommended.

read sue's encounter with patti smith.

speaking of new cds, one of steve's personal songwriting heroes is tommy keene, a maryland-based singer who steve has been a fan of ever since places that are gone was played by oedipus on wbcn's nocturnal emmissions sometime in 1984 when steve was just fourteen. steve tracked down the cassette ep via dolphin records- this turned out to be his first ever indie purchase and is still a favorite today. tommy's sound is pure power-pop, and his latest cd drowning (not lame records) credits steve with a photograph taken of tommy's guitar at tt the bear's place back in 2002. steve is also credited with album artwork concept for senor happy's new cd, i'm sorry, out this week on q division records.

april, 2004

jessy bender, producer of the gits movie, contacted us to make sure we knew that on march 25th, 2004 a jury convicted a 49-year-old florida man for the murder of the gits singer mia zapata. it's a bittersweet victory. while nothing can bring mia back, at least someone is finally going to pay for her death.

january, 2004

sue and steve performed "ballad of big nothing" at the elliott smith tribute show at tt's last month. you can see more pics (taken by candy and brad) at sweet adeline.


also, people have been asking to see the songlist from our jan 7th radio set on wmfo. here it is...

  1. who knew
  2. hey hey sunshine
  3. green apple
  4. throw it all away
  5. why not beautiful
  6. late show
  7. poison
  8. yearbook
  9. not the one
  10. cry for frances (chill version)
  11. mia

december, 2003

tt the bear's place in cambridge will be hosting an elliott smith tribute show on sunday, december 21st, to honor elliott's memory and raise funds for his foundation for abused children. this will be a wonderful opportunity to come together both in mourning and in celebration of a beautiful man who gave us so much through his music. mary lou lord, local music queen and longtime friend of elliott, is organizing the event and performing along with numerous other local musicians and elliott fans. sue & steve will be contributing a tune, too. the afternoon will include music, as well as a screening of strange parallel and video footage from elliott's first tour.

also from this month: no guarantees has broken the whrb 95.3 fm (harvard university) top 30. it charted at #30 for the week ending 11/24/03 and jumped to #12 this past week. hopefully, it will continue to rise. so keep tuning in to the record hospital sun-fri, 10pm - 5am, and keep requesting your fav mowe tunes. joe s. harrington, special guest on the 12-05-03 edition of the show, hailed mowe "the rightful heirs to the indie rock throne." special thanks to allison (aka deejay squishy) for her support of the new record!

september, 2003

the 23rd marks the offical release date of no guarantees, thirteen songs of sonic glory that walk the line of pop, rock, punk and the blues. we have partnered with the folks at cd baby to handle online sales.

august, 2003

did you know we run with the hip in-crowd? neither did we, but don't tell stuff at night, who recently featured many great pictures from last month's sonic cool reading/art opening/gig the paradise lounge, including one of yours truly. thanks to everyone who came out for the event, hope you had as much fun as we did!

june, 2003

details of the up-coming record and avalon hotel photoshoot (the pics we used forthe cd artwork) are disclosed. we also talk about one of our songs, mia, being considered for a film about mia zapata.

april, 2003 version 1.0 is launched and pete weiss provides our first decent copy from his production newsletter. says pete, "(zippah) recently wrapped up work on the second cd by this powerful, bass-less trio. the band and i recorded a handful of tunes in my vermont barn studio on the radar system (in fact, the band was brave enough to play the role of 'rock and roll guinea pigs' in the barn studio - they were the first band to record there; it sounded great and went to 'tape' without a hitch) and brought them back to zippah for overdubs and mixing. these were combined with songs we had previously recorded on 2" 24 track at zippah last summer to make the full length cd. huge drums by john, passionate vocals by sue and steve, & guitars ranging from buzzsaw to beautiful." thanks pete!!

february, 1998

live debut at o'brien's in allston, ma. opening song is a cover of nick drake's "know."