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total action

total action
release date: fall 2007
pristine indigio records

the latest and greatest release, produced by pete weiss and my own worst enemy at verdant studio in athens, vermont.

"total action is the kind of pop record they just don't make anymore; full of fresh sounds and great hooks, with some careful thought between the lines. leaders sue and steve are music nuts who do their influences proud, and they fooled me into thinking their shimmering folk-rocker 'snowflake' was a long-lost 60's nugget. elsewhere they mix their country and their velvets up with a lot of vital three-chord stomp. call it garage rock if you must; but sue's vocals leave no doubt that garage is in a pretty exotic neighborhood."
- brett milano, music writer/author-sound of our town

track listing and song samples (right click-save link as):

1 turn it on (3.3 mb .mp3)
2 used to be a figher (3.3 mb .mp3)
3 come on
4 green apple (3.6 mb .mp3)
5 catherine the waitress
6 snowflake (3.8 mb .mp3)
7 drunken angel
8 corner of my eye (4.8 mb .mp3)
9 pay attention to me
10 lose your mind
11 for her (4.2 mb .mp3)
12 redondo beach

BONUS: download the radio-friendly version of turn it on by clicking here.


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no guarantees

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no guarantees
released: fall 2003
elis eil records

the band's second full-length release is a sublime sound cocktail with shots of versatility, passion and honesty that resonate through the vocals, guitars and drums and permeate every lyrical syllable. one listen just won't do: this record demands your attention over time. its songs will sink into your brain and, hopefully, your heart. comprised of thirteen songs recorded with pete weiss at zippah studios in brookline ma., and at verdant studio in athens, vermont, no guarantees promises sparks of melodious purity juxtaposed with flashes of aural ferocity.

track listing:

1 who knew
2 mia
3 why not beautiful (1.7 mb .mp3)
4 poison (4.2 mb .mp3)
5 late show (4.3 mb .mp3)
6 hey hey sunshine (3.4 mb .mp3)
7 finally
8 not the one
9 throw it all away
10 never talking to you again
11 mr leatherboots
12 yearbook
13 pills & pride


this record is also available from the itunes music store



released: fall 2000
eils eil records

the band's debut release is filled with moments of sonic sweetness and irrepressible emotion. the dominant factor is the ever-present lead vocals, whose heart-on-your-sleeve approach to songwriting is refreshing and engaging. the breathy and bold backing vocals add a layer of harmonious girl-on-girl bliss to three of the tracks. the twin guitar attack on treblemaker starts out gentle and works its way up to a full-on strum-glaze frenzy, culminating with the knockdown, drag-out anthem "cry for frances." this one-two punch sets its sites squarely on courtney love and hits a bull's eye in true riot grrl-inspired gratification. treblemaker is jam-packed with intoxicating levels of passion, power and pop.

track listing and mp3's:

1 garfield
2 those lips
3 portland
4 don't look now
5 no ware
6 free to leave
7 paint the town
8 take it
9 cry for frances (3.0 mb .mp3)

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